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Frequently Asked Questions


Adobe Reader 5.0.5, 5.1 recommended! 

MSIE 5 or higher required!   MS Internet Explorer 


Q. Password, Subscription, and Profile changes? 

A.  Login with current userid-password. Click MYPROFILE button. You find it all here.  


Q. Are Adobe 9 Reader and Internet Explorer 8 compatible? 

A.  If Adobe Reader 9 is installed, best results are obtained using the Compatibility View feature of Internet Explorer 8.  


Q. What happens when the server is down for an extended period of time?

A. Vital has installed a backup/alternate server at or Most downtime problems are handled within 1 hour and will not require a redirect to the alternate server.


Q. How current is the data on the website? 

A.  For all Vital Online clients(districts/counties) the ModIV and completed SR1A data is updated hourly. When a change occurs on the Vital mainframe, that change is reflected in the VitalWeb data within 1 hour. All Vital Online client data is refreshed monthly. Non-Vital districts/counties (OPRA updated) are updated/refreshed annually(usually in May) with ModIV data and monthly with SR1A data provided by N.J. OPRA requests. This is indicated on the district select screen.  


Q. I am considering subscribing to your service, however, how extensive is your data. For example, I would need it to search square footages on houses (usually shown on the SR1A).

A.  Sqft data is provided on appropriate(usable,prop class) sr1a records since 1998 for districts that utilize/maintain and print  this data on the sr1a. If you were getting this data before from a district on the printed sr1a, it will appear in vitalgov sr1a records. 


Q. I cannot access property information after clicking on selected item. Error code:
Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a000d'
    Type mismatch: 'formatnumber'
    /mod4dbrfx.asp, line 95

A. You must use Internet Explorer browsers. Non-IE browsers are not 100% compatible. You can check browser compatibility at the myprofile page.


Q. What is the taxyr column on the county/district page? 

A. The taxyr column on the county/district select page is not the tax list year. The taxyr is the current transaction year which is always looking forward. For a Vital Online client municipality the taxyr column will be 1 plus the current year and will provide the current tax list year plus any current changes(i.e. taxyr column is 2006 for year 2005). 

The tax list year reflects property id data through December 31 of the previous year (i.e. 2005 tax list reflects property id data updates through the year 2004). 

For example: a taxyr of 2006 (today is 2/1/2005) means that the district will show all updates through December 2005 in addition to a minimum of the 2005 tax list data (which reflects all updates through December 2004); a taxyr of 2005 means that only updates for a property id through December, 2004(taxlist January 2005); a taxyr of 2004 means that the site will show only data through December 2003(taxlist January 2004).


Q. Hello, I have been using your site since July. I am uncertain of my user  subscription status. How do I find out?

A. Please see the MyProfile page. In the upper left hand corner of the page your status is shown. Also, please notice your expiration date towards the bottom of the page. The first box after the expiration date is your status code to the system. F=freelist, 4=silver monthly, 5=silver annual, 6=platinum, 9=business partner, V=Vitalnet Internal.


Q. I still don't understand the difference between free and silver. I am a realtor  and would like to find age, sq. footage, assessment. Will I be able to get that, still, on your free version?

A. When you click the silver column(county/district page) you get silver...when you click the basic column you get basic...go ahead and try it or see documentation/help.. 


Q. I keep getting session timeout, no bookmarks allowed errors. Why?  

A. Session timeouts will occur if you have not accessed a page on the website for about 20 minutes. To work around the timeout simply advance to another page on the site within 20 minutes. Please use the Log Out buttons whenever possible. The Log Out procedure page cleans up after you and if you exit the browser session without logging out you are still subject to the full timeout interval before signing in again. The no bookmarks allowed message indicates that the system(for security reasons) does not permit you to add a data page to your favorites(bookmark) and then access that data page without first signing in.  


Q. Hello, I am a real estate appraiser and have been using your site since April. It has saved me many hours of research time. I was wondering if there is a paid membership upgrade that would give me more info (room count, fpl, etc.)? I was recently in a town  that looked it up by signing onto Vitalgov. Thank you.

A. You are referring to the Vital CAMA appraisal package installed in that municipality. Currently we offer this product only to Vitalnet Internals(Vital Online municipal clients) as VitalWeb Lookup Platinum(on the VitalGov website). This package and data is only available for municipalities that have contracted for the Vital CAMA package. This is indicated on the County/District screen as a Y under the heading Cama for the given municipality. We plan to offer this package in the near future as an upgrade to the VitalWeb Lookup Silver product.


Q. My Adobe Reader takes a long time to open and display. How can I correct this? 

A. Simply start Adobe Reader before opening PDF pages from the site. 


Q. I have multiple versions of Adobe Reader installed. How do I get VitalWeb Lookup to use the correct Adobe Reader version?

A. Multiple versions of Adobe Reader is not recommended, especially if one is from Adobe Acrobat(full product). The preferred version of Adobe is 5.0.5 or 5.1. Simply start the correct version of Adobe Reader before opening PDF pages from our site. Invoke Adobe Reader version 5.0.5 or 5.1 before starting your browser session.


Q. My Adobe Reader will not work correctly with more than one browser session? 

A. That is correct. We recommend working with only one browser session. One browser session per userid.


Q. When clicking on a municipality to start the search process I get the error "file does not start with '%pdf'  or  'file does not exist'.  What's wrong?

A. You may have multiple Adobe versions installed or an Adobe version different from version 5.0.5 or 5.1, which is recommended. You may have to REMOVE all Adobe Reader versions, reboot your PC, and reinstall Adobe Reader 5.0.5 or 5.1. Searching the Adobe Reader Support tutorials at may help.


Q. Hi! I keep getting a message from adobe acrobat that "there was an error opening this document. The file does not exist." Any ideas?

A. You either have multiple versions of adobe installed or the incorrect version. Searching the Adobe Reader Support tutorials at may help.


Q. I have Adobe Reader 6 installed. It appears to work okay until using my browser navigation buttons. What's wrong?

A. Although Adobe Reader 6 is not recommended, this is the only issue pending for VitalWeb Lookup interacting with Adobe Reader 6. A known work-around is to use the drop-down history links in IE6 (see here). 


Q. Will Adobe Reader 7 work?

A. Adobe Reader 7 does work. The only issue pending for VitalWeb Lookup interacting with Adobe Reader 7 is an occasional browser back button inconsistency. The work-around is to use the drop-down history links (see here). Caution: Be careful when installng a new verson of Adobe Reader. Multiple versions of Adobe seem to be problematic. 

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