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Operating Sytem: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 7.

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Vital Services Group offers three access methods(versions) for the MODIV/SR1A search and retrieval process. 

All access methods are available free to , vital online, and clients on request. 

Vitalnet (vital online municipal) clients must request VitalWeb Platinum service  here.


    I. Vital FreeList Basic (August 2002) 

       - No prerequisite application files/installs necessary

              - No security setting changes are required

              - Provides minimal search mechanisms (Lookups Only!)

              - Search output is a list of common data elements for a Property ID 

              - This version is free to any registered user 

              - Access this version by clicking the BASIC column of the County/District page


    II. VitalWeb Lookup Silver (May 2003)               

       - Simple access method, easy to use         

              - No files/installs required other than Adobe Reader(version 5.0.5/5.1)

              - Enhanced search capabilities

              - Search output provides extensive data for each Property ID

              - Provides interface to sales data (SR1A) 

              - Subscription required! (starting 12/24/2004)   Subscription Pricing

       - Access this version by clicking the SILVER column of the County/District page



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